Solid Wood Flooring

solid wood flooring in colorado springs

solid wood flooring in colorado springs

Solid wood flooring is the classical option for hardwood flooring.  For generations it has been the staple decor option of many homeowners throughout the world.
Unlike its counterpart, engineered planks, which consist of layers of wood that are bonded together, solid wood flooring consists of solid planks of wood that are installed on your floor. It is preferred by many home owners for two main reasons:

For the end user, the home owner who enjoys the benefits of using this type of wood flooring, one of the main selling points is that it is stronger and more durable than engineered wood flooring. Solid wood flooring can be sanded, and refinished many times during its lifetime.

The second reason home owners favor solid wood is the principle of having the classic style wood floor. Solid wood floors are the original wood flooring option, and therefore are superior in many people’s minds. There is indeed something to this: rather than walking on layers upon layers of wood planks, some prefer to walk on singular, solid planks, thereby giving some authenticity to the history of this floor type.

We should also mention that solid hardwood floors are relatively straight-forward to install for those with experience, which plays a role in some people’s minds. Academy Carpet has all of the top brands who manufacture solid hardwood floors. Visit us today to check out all the options we have!