Luxury Vinyl Tiles

luxury vinyl tiles in colorado springs

luxury vinyl tiles in colorado springs


Can you have the look of beautiful wood or stone flooring without the actual hardwood or stone? Yes, with luxury vinyl tiles! They have been utilized for years at the commercial level, and now it’s time for the home consumer to catch up, and take advantage of this cutting-edge technology.

The construction of these tiles differ from conventional vinyl tiles in that they use advanced photographic technologies to replicate stone or wood. There are actually four layers: a vinyl layer, then a color layer, also vinyl, then the photographic film, which is incredibly realistic, and finally a protective film that can be as high as 40 millimeters. You can find Luxury Vinyl Tiles with less than 40 millimeters of protective film, but for high traffic areas it is not recommended to go with anything below 20 millimeters.

There are many benefits to having Luxury Vinyl Tiles. For one, making your home look like it has wood or even stone flooring
when you didn’t have to pay for the hardwood or stone. You could also point to the fact that Luxury Vinyl Tiles are water resistant unlike wood flooring, even though they give you the exact same visual appeal of wood flooring. In fact simple damp mopping is sufficient for cleaning Luxury Vinyl Tile floors.

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