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Academy Carpet & Flooring has been in business for over 38 years offering quality products, service and installation to Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. We have the largest showroom in Colorado Springs and can install on the same day in most cases. Come by our showroom today to see exciting design ideas for your home or business!

You could spend an outrageous amount of time and money in search of the best carpet, wood, stone, tile, and laminate surfaces on the planet. You could drive to Los Angeles to pick up a shipment of Emser granite. You could catch a plane to Menen, Belgium searching for a deal on BerryAlloc vinyl. You could even set sail to Trelleborg, Sweden in your quest for genuine Pergo hardwood. Fortunately, the aspiring remodelers and professional renovators of southern Colorado do not need to search the globe for quality floors. Academy Carpet & Flooring brings the best products in the industry together for your convenience. Carry your homemaking plans to the table. We’ll provide the right materials and installation.

You might be looking for the perfect tiling to complement your kitchen or bathroom. Well-crafted tiles add variety to the indoor landscape. Materials such as stone, porcelain, ceramic, and glass each lend a unique flair of brilliance to the overall bathroom or kitchen ambiance. Pick your favorite, or select multiple materials arranged in the form of a captivating mosaic pattern.

Maybe the quaint, soft touch of carpet sounds like a welcome addition to your home or business, but the potential of a high maintenance bill has you concerned. Fear not. Today’s carpets combine style and functionality more seamlessly than ever. Their beauty is matched only by their resilience against wear and tear. Such practical surfaces create friendly environments for children and pets. Specially-woven fibers in certain contemporary carpets repel liquids for maximum stain prevention.

In some cases, the charm of wood patterning is exactly what a room needs. Natural hardwood floorboards enhance any room they occupy with noticeable elegance. Laminate flooring offers the same aesthetic appeal plus more versatility. Its higher degree of durability makes it ideal for water-prone areas. Now homeowners can accentuate their laundry rooms and kitchens with the visual likeness of oak, maple, walnut, hickory, and more.

Needless to say, an international shopping spree would not be the most efficient method to find home décor improvements. Even a bargain hunt around the city can end up becoming more costly and complicated than necessary. Fortunately, your gateway to the world’s finest flooring is closer than you think. Save yourself time, money, and a hassle by choosing one-stop floor shopping instead of a wild goose chase. Academy Carpet & Flooring has what your family’s feet need. Do not let an intimidating renovation project keep you from elevating your home to its full potential. Stop by our fully-stocked showroom on Academy—just south of Austin Bluffs—and let us introduce you to a world of flooring possibilities.

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