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Academy Carpet & Flooring has been in business for over 38 years offering quality products, service and installation to Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. We have the largest showroom in Colorado Springs and can install on the same day in most cases. Come by our showroom today to see exciting design ideas for your home or business!


In some cases, the charm of wood patterning is exactly what a room needs. Natural hardwood floorboards enhance any room they occupy with…


Natural stone flooring provides elegance and a sense of more space, making the room seem larger then it is. Stone is easy to care for…


Maybe the quaint, soft touch of carpet sounds like a welcome addition to your home or business, but the potential of a high maintenance…


Laminate flooring is ideal for the buyer who wants a clean, homey wood look without the expense of real wood. There are so many choices…


You might be looking for the perfect tiling to complement your kitchen or bathroom. Well-crafted tiles add variety to the indoor landscape.


Vinyl flooring is not just for the kitchen or bathroom anymore! Traditionally, vinyl has been used exclusively in both because of its superior…

The Craft Of Flooring

Academy Carpet & Flooring has the largest flooring showroom in Colorado Springs. Within those expansive walls, we house the largest inventory in town. Free estimates allow you to plan ahead for your project.

Ask about our amazing special offers and promotions, each designed to make the process even more agreeable. When you find the right surfaces at the right price, you will find that your dream home is within reach.

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Our friends at #ShawFloors are basking in the limelight after their beautiful flooring was featured on last night’s…
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